Evolution Sails Banner Missing

In the wee small hours of Saturday night, Sunday morning, someone took a very large 30 feet X 5 feet) Evolution Sails banner from the grounds at ABYC.

As skippers, we rely upon sponsorship money to keep the registration fees reasonable. This is at least the second time in the past year that a sponsor's banner has been taken. 

If you are aware of someone who may have taken the banner as a lark, please ask them to return it to either ABYC or Evolution Sails. No questions will be asked, and no charges will be laid. 

These banners are very expensive to have made. If you think you may know who took it, please do the right thing and ask them to return it.

33 boats raced in the various PHRF divisions on Saturday, and 23 boats participated in the Coastal race on Sunday. A number of other clubs, including PCYC and EYC, will be using the same format. Great prizes for PHRF participants are being provided by UK Halsey Sails. Spread the word at your club that PHRF racing is back!

Many thanks to Graham Dougall for his patience with the lesser experienced PHRF racers and making the racing fun for all.

Next up is the RCYC Open on June 18 and 19. Look for details as well as a wrap-up of the ABYC Open next week. In the meantime, view the results at www.lorc.org.

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